Iced Out Grillz

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Styles and Designs

Now is the right time to have yourself a set of iced out grills. As all of us know that diamond is an indication of wealth and status, this will make you look special from others. At Get Grillz, we make excellent iced out gold slugs for you regardless of your selection and style. We have different designs which range from two row and three-row grill with gems to fully iced out. We make iced out grillz from cubic zirconia and crystals to cater affordable grillz teeth.

Materials Used

Teeth grills are usually built out of gold, silver or platinum with different gems or crystal coatings. However, we make our iced out grillz from high-quality sterling silver and gold. We cover our golds teeth with a handful of multicolor crystals for a realistic look that makes everyone believe you have paid a bundle. The molding method for genuine diamond grill teeth takes about 2-3 weeks but with our one-size-fits-all, your grill is ready in just a few minutes. So don’t wait and get your iced out hip-hop grills now at a budget price!