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Blings and Silver Grillz

The term “bling-bling” portrays captivating jewelry like teeth grills, necklaces, rings, mobile phones and other loud accessories that create attention-grabbing to any outfit. The word “bling-bling” is not only used by the hip-hop musicians, though so many rappers use this name in their songs. Even some Latin hip-hop songs now add the word into their music, though they have to change the term a bit like “blin blin” so as to fit into the genre.

As hip-hop began to grow, numerous rappers and music artists like Biggie, Jay-Z, Soulja Boy and Lil’ Wayne came around to add life and more enjoyment to the genre. The exposition of grillz by this hip-hop stars has made silver grillz and other mouth grills caught on in the United States and around the globe.

There’s no way you can applaud rap without knowing about silver teeth grillz. Most times it’s called silver caps, slugs and silver fronts. This fashion exists since the early 80’s and it was famous in the 90’s. We make mouth grills teeth grillz by using platinum, silver or gold. You can check out our silver grillz styles here.

What We Offer

Instant grillz offers the ease of purchasing, designing and rocking your product. It is not as laborious unlike the custom and permanent grillz, but instant silver grills still give the shine you want. When you shop on our affordable silver grills now, you will probably want to wear them on your everyday attire.